Monday, March 23, 2009


Steven, always the realist said, "That's a whole year from now."

Our flowers have already bloomed.


This fortune was a hell of a lot better than my last one from this restaurant, "You will inherit money and jewelry." Uhm, yeah I did, because someone I love died.

Say hello to my little friend, (but say it like Al Pacino in Scarface)...

I heard him scurrying up my window screen. I hope Moses doesn't eat him.

Happy Monday.


  1. I'm pretty sure that means when the flowers bloom IN ETHIOPIA. Just so you know it's not a full year from now. :-)


  2. Happy Monday! (say it like Al Pacino and Robert Duvall combined with a lilt like Lyle Lovett - I promise if you say it that way, your Monday will be more humorous.)



  3. You are a poet.

    I'm glad I have your blog to turn to.

    Happy Monday.

  4. What the heck is that thing? A lizard? A frog? An alien?

    Here's hoping that joy will come to you before the flowers stop blooming...

  5. Flowers are just poking up in other places around the world and have not yet bloomed this year (like England)!!! It wasn't State or Country specific!:) HOPEFULLY SOON!

  6. Yikes! I've seen little lizards around here a lot but that guy looks enormous! Hope it's just a great lens on your camera making Mr. Coldblooded look a little bigger then he was!
    Habeshachild is right - it's not going to be a year! It's coming - I can feel it!

  7. Go today and buy seeds for flowers that will bloom quickly....then, maybe the referral will come as soon as the first bloom takes place. Indeed, I think your fortune is telling you to take charge of your future but also let nature run it's course.


  8. To me, it looks like a referral on June 17th, acceptance on
    June 18th, and the other numbers are the kids' ages in months.

    Things are looking very, very good. :)

  9. Well the flowers haven't bloomed here in the midwest so there is still plenty of time for good news in your near future. Heck given our weather forcast it could be June before flowers bloom here.

    That lizard is kind of scary looking....

    Happy Monday!

  10. Well, friend, nothing is yet in bloom here, but within a short time, it all comes alive. I hope that your fortune is in tune with eastern standard time. In New Yawk, we are about to take off.

    Love your pansies! And love the....little creature, too.


  11. Aren't the flowers always in bloom in sunny so cal? And it doesn't say YOUR flowers. It probably means my flowers. Tseday IS coming.

    Your leetle friend is creepy. If Moses does eat him, I hope he eats the whole him so you don't have to clean any up.

  12. Thinking of you....
    And what exactly is that little creature?

  13. I think he is a lizard, and he has A FRIEND! Yikes.

    Stac- in your scenario I have three kids? Fine by me, but you are going to have to break it to Steven.

    Theresa- I like your idea very much.

  14. I like Theresa's idea too. Zen with a dab of control.