Saturday, July 18, 2009


I was going to write a long post about the uncertainties of International adoption, and about what has happened in Canada, but I will just send you over to Kerri who has already explained it, and who has some great links so that we can help.

This woman, when she found out the news, hopped on the next flight to Ethiopia to make sure that her girls were safe, and to see if she could get them home. Harrowing.

Read about this family, also struggling and scared. And this one.

Please sign, join, and advocate for these families.


  1. Julie, thank you for sharing this news. Its horrific and these Canadian families need all our prayers!! I tried to leave encouragement at all the blogs you listed. It seems like an overwhelming mess, but not for God.

  2. just heart breaking, I can't even imagine, thank you for sharing this, I will be spreading the word for these families....

  3. thanks for spreading the word Julie! The more words/support/prayer/positivity/signatures we can get the better.

  4. Thank you for posting on this. It is heart breaking....

  5. So glad our American Peeps are helping out with spreading the word and the love.

  6. Hi there,

    I've been following your blog (anonymously) for some time and wanted to thank you for posting this info. We're one of the families who have been affected in Canada and it really, really stinks. Thanks for posting your tidbits of info. It's comforting to read about other families who are moving along in the process even though we aren't.

    Take care,