Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Neither Steven Nor My Dad will be Voting on the Oscars...

While I was sick, I was lucky enough to get my hands on these...

When my dad was here, I wasn't well enough to do anything other than lounge around and watch movies. This is a picture of my dad during The Curious Case of BB...

As soon as I heard him snoring I would pause the film. He would awake with a,"How long was I out?" and I would rewind the film to get back to the part he remembered. It took us about six hours to watch the movie this way. I enjoyed the flick. I thought the themes about aging and love were excellent, and I enjoyed the trans racial adoption aspect of it. Did I mention that it was long?

In the middle of the other film, I said to Steven....

"You know the story of Harvey Milk right?"

He said, "No I don't," (which was a surprise because Steven Loves Abba is a friend to gays everywhere).

I said, "Oh, well what did you think Harvey Milk was about?"

He replied, "I thought it was the gay version of Boogie Nights."


  1. I love that shot of your dad! I guess all dad's are the same huh? Mine used to fall asleep in the exact same position watching tv... too funny! I wonder how long before Chris starts doing it? ;-)

  2. My dad came and stayed with us one time - he went out with friends for dinner. We were asleep when he came back and I woke up at 2:30 in the morning to the t.v. blaring and him snoring in exactly the same position as your dad!!

    I so wanted to see Milk before the Oscars tonight - we did see an excellent documentary on OutTv on Harvey Milk so I don't really have to see the movie I just love Sean Penn

    -who doesn't know why she just babble on for so long :)

  3. The picture of your dad, and the story that follows, made me smile....

  4. Hilarious. I first saw Boogie Nights in LA with Az. We both thought it was about disco and were a little shocked. Misconceptions all around.

  5. Further proving that you are one of the funniest people I know.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you - I so needed that laugh!

    I've seen not one movie this year - so I'm not voting either.

  7. He he, we always tease my Dad about having narcolepsy b/c he can't stay awake for scarcely any type of tube watching. However, I am no better.

    I would love to watch both those movies.


  8. Your dad, he is a solid napper. He's very cute. Loved Boogie Nights, love Paul T. Anderson. I am pulling for Sean Penn tonight. He deserves it.

    And you are funny.


  9. heeeee :)
    did you see that "milk" guy's acceptance speech just now? awesome.
    and, you dad. great picture :).

  10. Steven's comment cracks me up!


  11. This is too funny! Especially now knowing the results. Perhaps they knew something we didn't.