Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deja Vu.

Steven and I began updating our paperwork today. Our fingerprints expire in a couple of weeks. We high-tailed it downtown, hit immigration and got a same day appointment for our new fingerprints. We drove to the prints place....

Me: Hi, I'm here to renew my fingerprints for my I-171.
Security Guard: You picked a really good day.
Me: Why is that?
Security Guard: Madonna is on her way in. She is doing another adoption. Don't say you heard it from me.

I am actually non-plussed by this information. There are already pictures all over the place of Angelina getting her prints. It is the LA office, and this task may be the only task that Hollywood superstars can't send someone to do for them.

My hands are so incredibly dry right now, that it took about thirty tries for each fingerprint. The old man who was helping me was completely silent and humorless. I tried several times to engage him in human conversation...

Me: Like snowflakes eh? Each one unique?
Dead Air.
Me: Oops, failed again! Will I ever pass this test?!
Me: Well, the toes are next right? (As I crouch down and pretend to slip off my shoe).
Him: Just a hint of the tiniest smile.

We lingered for a bit, primarily because I thought if I could get a picture of Madonna, I could send it to my friend Rana and cheer her up. Unfortunately, Steven and I were both hungry so we left.

We were right near our favorite Ethiopian Restaurant.

See us in the mirror?

I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

It's just tasks right? It's just paperwork. And really, even Madonna has to do it.


  1. I don't think there's much worse than updating paperwork. Hugs...It will be worth it.

  2. we received the "update your paperwork package" from our home study agency this week.

  3. I love that good Ethiopian food is more important than seeing Madonna. :) Yay for having this step done!

  4. It's never fun dealing with paperwork or government offices although I love that the security guard was totally giving you the scoop!
    Love the injera smiley face!!

  5. HMmm. That's a nice upper lip you have there.

    I hope you're feeling better. :)

  6. fantastic picture.
    I agree with Kerri. Paperwork sucks but it will be worth it.

  7. OMG - do all fingerprint guys get trained to be lifeless? I've had to deal with the same guy on this coast SEVERAL times... for a new green card, for my citizenship, for our 1st and 2nd rounds of fingerprints. Is this part of their training so we don't somehow distract them and slip someone else's fingers there?

    Another thing I've noticed is that all the people behind the glass at the office here are real JERKS! I've seen them be so evil and mean to so many timid immigrants. I have even filed complaints on their behalf. Hope that is not so in LA. Wonder how they treated Madonna?


    Can you believe we don't even have an Ethiopian restaurant in our STATE? Don't worry, we'll move before the kids get old enough to notice.

  8. I love that you just announced on your very popular blog that Madonna is adopting again, and that you totally ratted on the security guard who said not to say you heard it from him. LOL.

    Too funny about the humorless fingerprint guy. I totally failed my first set of prints. Of course they waited until 4 weeks later to tell me.

  9. mmmmmmm, me hungry!!!! Of course Madonna is adopting because yes, that would be a very stable home to be in...:) So wait is A-Rod my Daddy or not????

  10. Oh wait, I forgot she's dating someone else now. I am so behind the times!!!

  11. If only every time I went to immigration I had the chance of running into Madonna. That would makes thing a lot more uplifting. :)


  12. I think it is a universal job requirement for fingerprint takers to have no sense of humor or no sense of smile! With his job I think he would have appreciated some nice, friendly banter.

    Updating paperwork is never fun! So sorry. Perhaps a tabloid would be interested in your Madonna story. Might help with adoption expenses. :)

  13. my favorite Madonna song :)


  14. O.k what I said last night was:

    "I can't believe you chose HUNGER over Madonna!"

    "I love the toes are next bit"


    "you should get that lip looked at ;)"

    -I probably wrote it and then forgot to hit "publish comment" - I was exhausted after the emotional homecoming.


  15. You're even cooler than I thought to be non-plussed by Esther. So help me g-d, if she gets her baby before you, I am so done with her and all celebrities.

  16. I'm just awed by all the famous people you have met or almost-met. Very cool.

    Hey, I saw you at that concert! You're the girl taking the picture at 28.5 seconds in, right?

  17. Sorry you didn't see Madonna...but the food looks really yummy!

    We've been working on updating our paperwork as wasn't fun the first time and its not any better the second! Hugs!!

  18. I can't believe you left when you could have seen Madonna. And gotten all cozy with her by talking about adoption. JULIE. Seriously.

    I've been thinking I need to check that fingerprinting date out again. WHAT A PAIN.


  19. And yeah- I dig the injera smile. Nothing better than that injera, I tell you. Well, except for maybe pizza. Or a cheese filled tortilla. Or maybe chips and queso? Ummm.

  20. Hmm, that fingerprint guy, what a grinch. I always think my fingerprints don't make it through because I have burned my prints off. You know, the old, "Is this pan still hot.....OUCH! I don't know how to use a freaking hotpad. No Madonna, but good food. And that is one hell of a smile.


  21. You will get there and it will all have been more than worth it!

  22. I would just like to say that you are so much awesomer than madonna.
    sorry you have to re-do stuff. i'm sending up some prayers that things will be super-speedy, starting monday :). hopefully i'm some sort of prophet.

  23. OMG!! Like WOW!! You are SO in the know with the celebs!


    ...I would have left for the Ethiopian food, too. When asa tibs calls, I must answer.

    ...30 tries for each finger? Your illness must have sucked the life force right out of you. I'm glad you're feeling better.