Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fourth Folder Tag...

I was tagged by Rebekah and Tiny's Mom. Here is the only thing that is in the fourth folder of my I-Photo...

I know big surprise, it involves dogs. This is back when we lived in Venice, and had three pups. I am not sure that they like The Shins as much as I do, but I love the way their ears flicker to the sounds. Seriously folks, if you don't have a dog, get yourself to a pound and get one. Your life will be enriched. I mean it.

I Tag... YOU!


  1. I love it. They move so gracefully.

  2. Ditto Julia! I love pound puppies!!

  3. Julie- I just read your comment to Mama Dog. And I agree about the mine field that goes by the name of Target. BAD, BAD PLACE.

    And yes.

    Eat. More. Pie.


  4. Your 4th is so much more exciting than my 4th. I wish I wasn't *in* my own 4th for one. That'd make it a much better picture...:-)

  5. We got our first dog this September. She'd been on the kill floor at the animal shelter, which was just unacceptable. Her name is Tulip and when we go running in the woods she looks like a little fawn. We thought we'd be the type of owners who insisted on boundaries, such as no sleeping in the bed. Last night I woke up and Tulip's head was on my chest and she let out a big sigh of happiness and then rolled onto her back so all four legs were in the air. How does anyone get by in this world without their own Tulip?

    The clip of your three dogs may be my favorite music video ever.

  6. I love that they were chilling out with the Shins...gazing outside...checking out the world...such a great life...