Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Would you place children with this person...

This past weekend, two of my favorite people celebrated their birthdays. Kate celebrated the big '3-0', and Marley celebrated the big '1'.(And yes he is wearing his birthday suit).

In their honor, I post this picture.

Go on, admit it! You are jealous of my 100% polyester Saturday Night Fever Shirt!

(And yes, I would have paid waaaaay more than the 75 cents it cost to buy it at the Goodwill in Flagstaff, Arizona.)


  1. What a cute little naked thing! I am totally green-eyed with envy at your shirt...



  2. Admitted. Very jealous. Happy birthdays cute baby and sister Kate!

  3. Oh sweet!! A shout out to the West-side streaker, and my college town!! You rock J-Lo!!