Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Garden Tour

The kids and I spent nearly seven weeks at my parents' house this summer. Before we left, we harvested what was ready in the garden.



Carrots and Beets. Three microscopic tomatoes.

Fun tip for the whole family, if you eat enough beets, your pee turns red. (MOM! COME LOOOOOOOOK!) Good Times.

While we were gone, Steven took good care of everything. He sent us pictures.

He made us two peach pies and froze them so that we wouldn't miss out. (I know!)

More wee tomatoes.

Mr. Squash.

Orange McOrangerson.

Other stuff.

We were happy to have some things to harvest when we got home.

Same pepper. There was just the one, but who's complaining?

Happy End of Summer. How did your garden do?


  1. Wow, they sure did grow in 7 weeks. Hope you're having a great summer.

  2. Happy end of summer to you also. It seems the children had great fun in the garden, huh? I love children! Thank you for posting. This article made me smile while reading it.

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