Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Several months ago, Meazi and Steven went to a cool kid's art event in Los Angeles. One of the artists, Ruben Ochoa, made 3-d cardboard silhouettes with the kids. Here is Meazi's:

 It has a large cardboard piece that rolls up behind it to make it 3-d. Steven didn't want Melese to feel left out, so he set up a spotlight in our converted garage and traced Melese's profile on some cardboard. He plugged in one of his various power tools and carved away.

 I think he captured Melese so well.

I was feeling jealous.
This was a really fun activity. I highly recommend that you do it with your kiddos. Just cast your shadows. You can hold your own cardboard piece behind you, as someone else traces your profile. It can be cut out without power tools as well.

And it makes good wall art...


  1. Treehouse. Silhouette carver. Hair braider. Enough bragger.

    P.S. They are so cool, just like the people they look like.

  2. That is very cool! When Gwen is older enough to stand still, I think I want to try this.

    (So where is Steven's silhouette?!)

  3. that is way cool! now spray paint them black and frame those puppies!