Sunday, September 8, 2013

Having a Hard Time Letting Go of...

(I apologize in advance to my Facebook friends who had to endure these photos already).

 The kids and I got to spend almost seven weeks with my parents at their house on the lake.
We did a lot of this.
Meazi became an equestrian.

Steven joined us for the last week.

Best Papa Ever.

My Bro. That is his tap. Yes, BEER on tap, on the deck.
My Sis-in-law. Lake Girl.


We did a lot of this.

Nana and Papa
Aunt Kate

We did a lot of this.

We got to see these guys.

World's Best Nana

We did some of this.

My Bro-in-law

Whipped Cream as a food group

Family Movies, directed by my niece in the blue.

We did a lot of this.

Cocktail hour.

Wake up call.

Barn Cats.

We did some of this.

My parents got us a cake celebrating the day  Steven and I met Meazi and Melese.

To say that we had a good time would be a huge understatement. My parents wrapped us in their warm embrace. Every time I hear someone talking about how poorly their parents have dealt with their adopted grandchildren, I want to slip them my parents' number. I want my parents to call them and tell them what they are missing. My parents have welcomed Meazi and Melese into our family in a way that is beautiful and profound. They are so very kind to them. They treat them as if they are their own children. They love them as they are, while gently guiding them in areas where they may need guidance. My dad would take Meazi out for chocolate chip pancakes before anyone else was awake. My mother arranged for Meazi to have riding lessons this summer, giving up her own seat in the saddle. My parents shopped, cooked, cleaned, bought me gallons and gallons of WINE. They have restored us and renewed us, giving us strength to forge ahead into a new school year.

Thank you mom and dad.  Thank you for making sure they finally got a home cooked meal this year Melese is suddenly not a vegetarian when Nana cooks. "Her steaks are just so much better Mommy!"

Thank you for loving my children as much as I do. You are incredible parents and wonderful grandparents.

You can see why I am having a hard time letting go of summer.


  1. Oooh, love that star lit photo. So much joy captured here. And the epic dives just look like SO much fun :)

  2. wow, i sure can! If I had had a summer that was even one percent that good, you'd have to claw it out of my cold dead hands.
    What an amazing few weeks. Lucky lucky you!

  3. Beer on tap on the deck by the lake, must be Wisconsin!

  4. I love this! And your parents!

  5. Beautiful pictures! The kids are looking so very grown up. Meazi, beautiful as always and Melese so adorable! The picture of him and the strawberries is gorgeous! Gap model status!!

  6. What a beautiful family you have! I will be following this blog! :)