Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mommy and Me Book Review- I Don't Have Your Eyes

After seeing me ugly cry over Leo Lionni, Carrie Kitze sent me a copy of this book she wrote. In her email she said,  "My girls are 13 and 11 so my ugly crying is subsiding but I wanted to share a book with you that might be helpful for your kids.  It's called I Don't Have Your Eyes and I wrote it for my transracial family when they were around your children's age."

Carrie's subtle inference that her words and illustrations may lead to an ugly cry made me determined not to shed a tear. However, I failed. Steven did not have the camera ready, but he did walk over to the whiteboard to make fun of me...

This is a lovely book for all kinds of families. It reinforces the theme of how we are all the same on the inside. This book has many skin tones represented, and could be useful for trans racial adoptive families, foster families, and also for families where the head of the household may be a grandparent.

From Meazi- "Mom, I give it 10 stars! It teaches us that you can be different, but also be in the same family. I liked the illustrations, and the picture of the dad doing hair is like me and Daddy."

From Mommy- "Simple words plus lovely illustrations, equals a great combination for teaching one of our favorite family messages."

On a scale of 1-10 Ugly Cries, 10 being the cry linked above, and 10+ being this one, I give Carrie's book a 3. (With the caveat that there were no loving relatives in town presenting me with the book, nor was my mom helping me to decorate our family's very first Christmas tree).

Thanks for the book Carrie! 

You can find the book here.


  1. We have this book and love it. Funny thing is, we looked at it alot when DD was small and the book was age appropriate for her, but she has recently begun picking it up again at age 7 almost 8, when it has a deeper meaning for her I think. So yeah, we love this one. And it will hang around the house to be picked up and looked at over and over. :-)

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. And I LOVE how your husband made fun of you while you cried. I can always count on my husband for things like this :)

  3. more of these reviews please!!!