Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Boys

Today is Steven's Birthday. I don't have a big post written, which is just as well because the best gift I could give him is more privacy.

Oh I have to say at least one thing...

Last night Meazi asked me if you have to floss your teeth in the Underworld. Steven had been reading her Greek Mythology to, in his words, balance out everything she was learning at school.

After the kids were finally asleep, he went to the store to buy ingredients to make Melese a Garbage Truck cake for his birthday. He stayed up past midnight baking it.

He is a mensch, which I think is French for fantastic.

Happy Birthday Steven!


  1. Happy birthday to your boys!

    I had to smile at your story. It reminds me of all the mythology and Zen Buddhist books my Dad would share with me. And I would look through them in his reading chair underneath the many crucifixes and tallit he had been gifted as he worked at his desk. Balance.

    Hooray for knowledge and questions and education (and books!!!) and parents that help us find our balance!

  2. OK, I have to ask...
    What is a garbage truck cake?

    And...happy birthday!