Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Contest Prizes

The winner of the ugly cry contest will receive the following prizes...

The Keats Collection and a small jar of Habesha honey.

A donation made in their name to Ethiopian Orphan Relief- The amount to be the number of ugly cries X two (i.e 2o cries equals 40 bucks). (Thanks for the suggestion Paige).

The first five people who leave a comment promising to match the donation will receive one of these:

A Keep on Truckin' bumper sticker from Meazi.

Contest will end on the 1st of the year at midnight.

Current Count: 18

We still have Steven's birthday on New Year's Eve and Melese's first birthday on the first to get through.

Be still my happy heart.


  1. I will match it!!!! I can't believe it's only been 18...

    Keep on Truckin'

  2. I am guess I was way off with 94... GET CRYING! ;)

  3. Crap. I am out. Great prizes!

    We actually have adopted Keep On Truckin' as our family motto, thanks to your Habesha princess...

  4. So I missed being the first 5, but I'll match too...and I'm still in the running, I think I guessed 22?

    - Themia

  5. Forgot to guess first time...can I make a bid for the magical number 23?? And I'll match whether you let me (not first 5) or not!

  6. Man, I was way off!

    So FAO Schwartz in NYC is a couple blocks from my office and I was there last week picking up last minute Christmas gifts. They have a make your own muppet station (pricey but very cool) and I got really excited when I saw that one of the costumes you can choose is a Statue of Liberty Costume! I immediately thought of Meazi, then realized that I was taking blog stalking a little too far if I was considering a Christmas gift for a total (well maybe not total!) stranger! I've gotta get me some of my own kids, and soon! LOL

  7. Oh yeah, we're in! We need a Keep on Truckin' bumper sticker real bad! We looooooove you all! Mia & Co.

  8. Only 18??? Well with two birthdays to go, I"m sure you'll increase that number!

    On a side note, I love Ezra Jack Keats and Antone received The Snowy Day for Christmas. In his little red Santa suit and Santa hat, he looks just like Peter, the main character!!

  9. All these matches for Ethiopian Orphan Relief made me ugly cry! Thanks gals--we have SO many projects in the pipelines--you have NO idea what your support means!

    Happy New Year, sweet Julie. I can't imagine you've ever had a better New Year's Eve. Here's to many, many more!