Monday, May 19, 2008

Days Like This...A Sunbeam for Anna.

We are straight,

We are strong,

We are valiant and bold,

For the sun fills our hearts with its life giving gold.

We will open our hearts to the sunbeams so bright

And we'll fill all the world with our heart's inner light.

- Waldorf Verse

Anna has received her sunbeam.

His name is Kai Misikir, and he is seven months old.

Pop on over to her blog and give her a big congratulations.


  1. You are so, so sweet-
    Thank you.
    Its been a long journey, almost six years. But we had our goal, and somehow, someway, there is light at the end of this...and he is beautiful, like the ocean.
    You are a gem Julie.

  2. Congrats to her! Lovely news. I will have to stop on over to her blog more often, it looks like a great read.