Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exciting News From Tesfa

Remember this picture?

Look what you did...

What they did.

To say that it has been rewarding to watch this school go up would be an enormous understatement. This is Kololo. This is Meazi and Melese's village. This village now has a school. There is now great hope for this village. Kids here will go to school. THEY WILL GO TO SCHOOL!

Thank you. All of you.

Would you like to build a school in Kembata? Maybe in your child's village? I'd like you to feel like I feel right now. I'd like you to feel like you can help create change. Do you want to build a school in Kembata?

Go HERE for more information.
I'll help you do it. You helped me. You helped them...
5 in 3. 5x3. Easy Peasy. Let's do this.


  1. This is mind blowing. The video brought me to tears...
    AletaChuko next?

  2. Butterflies in my throat reading this. And, Meazi is incredible on video. Well, she is just incredible on video or off!

  3. I've got chill bumps. Yay, Julie! This is fantastic.

  4. Oh Julie. I am crying. I want to build a school in Woliso for Aberash!

  5. OH yeah. Let's do this.

    and awesome video!!

  6. Gave me, so awesome!! Here's another vote for Aleta Chuko next!

  7. The video is outstanding. Meazi is adorable. I also love Poi Dog Pondering. Sold!

  8. This is really really exciting! Can't wait to be some small part of making this happen.

  9. What a lovely video... and you are rightflly proud. Aweosme work!!!

    We (Vulnerable Children Society) have been helping deck out a preschool/library/community garden in Oromia this year, and I get to visit it in less than a month. Yeah!!!

    Great to see you all doing well :-)