Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Friend or Family Feature

My friend Amy is a superhero. She is LT's mom. I heart LT. Amy, like many of us, went to Ethiopia and came home forever changed. Amy used to be a high powered executive at a major movie studio. How big a job did she have? Let's put it this way, one day I asked her if she could meet me for lunch. She said she'd love to but she had to meet John Cusack. Lloyd Dobler needed marketing advice. See, I told you, big, big, important job.

Amy gave it up. She came back from Ethiopia, and immediately began changing her life. She and a colleague have formed a new company. It is called SocialVest. It is such a smart idea...

"SocialVest is a cause based shopping platform, empowering people to contribute to social good by earning money for their favorite non-profit organizations through everyday shopping. SocialVest believes there is an opportunity to evolve traditional business by focusing on doing good in a sustainable way. SocialVest’s vision is to better the world by creating a new fundraising channel where each person has the power to become an active participant of charitable giving."

She is a social activist. She is helping us change the world by shopping. Everyone likes to shop right? Now you can shop and contribute to your favorite charity at the same time. You can order your child's school supplies and then donate a percentage to your favorite organization. Brilliant.

Hollywood, Schmollywood, Amy has bigger fish to fry.

Will you please join me in signing up? It is super easy. I hardly ever ask you for anything. (I did ask you to check your neck too, please don't forget to check your neck).

Sign up. Shop. Give. And support my superhero friend who manages to put her money where her mouth is.

Amy, you inspire us all. I am so lucky to have you as a friend.


  1. Done. What a fantastic idea. Some people are just TOO cool.

  2. Signed up and neck checked. I had a feeling she was fabulous but no idea that fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the Lloyd Dobler reference! Another example of just how cool you are.

  4. She is amazing! All signed up : )

  5. If I can shout it from the mountain top...Julie is one of my heroes and I'm so honored to live by her and share her life. Please feel my love & humble me everyday.

  6. i just wanted to say that this is a beautiful photo.

  7. Very cool and very inspiring!!