Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Garden Tour...a day, and a couple of months late...

Meazi and her daddy talked about all of the things they'd like to grow in the Habesha garden this year. We hit the Home Depot and got some plants, and some seeds.

I was overcome with emotion as Meazi scattered Tef, or 'Tef-fa' as she calls it. It was obvious that she had done this before in Ethiopia.

Melese mentioned that we already had asparagus. Not for long I fear. The neighborhood cats have been feasting on the asparagus plants every morning.

I can't show you the rest of the pictures from that first planting day. Meazi stripped down, stripped Melese, and chucked his diaper over the neighbor's fence. They played in the dirt, and then in the mud after we watered everything. They had a blast, but I am afraid we got so carried away that we washed away many of our new plants. It was worth it. Daddy retrieved the diaper.

We had a preliminary honey harvest a few weeks ago...

And a gigantic one yesterday...

Meazi harvested some Chamomile. She loves Chamomile tea.

Meazi and her Tef-fa...


So sweet!

We could have planted weeds out there. It didn't matter. I was just so happy to have the two of them with us.


  1. Your garden is lovely, but Melese and Meazi outshine it by 100 strokes under the sun.

    Luv the teff. We still have some seeds that we'll plant after the green sun harvest, which may happen today.

    Had a garden post too, but it never materialized.

    Meazi is ravishing with honey on her face, sweet for the sweet.


  2. This is one of my favorite posts that you have done. So simple yet so profound. The picture of Meazi cutting her chamomile and the one of her planting the Teff seeds...amazing. And Melese looks so cute pointing to the plants. They seem to really love gardening, and I am sure that a big part of that is seeing you and your husbands joy when gardening. Love to see your family uniting.

  3. Love that they are here, planting and growing with you and yours....

  4. So sweet. Love your garden!

  5. We could have planted weeds...that's a beautiful sentiment.

  6. Just love it!!! Especially the diaper chuck! Ha, they are soooooo cute.

  7. This is my favorite Sunday garden tour yet:-)

  8. Absolutely precious and beautiful! What a difference a year makes. Love her head scarf - where did you get it?

  9. Oh my the picture of your husband retrieving the diaper was too much! Very funny.

  10. Reading your post washed me with happiness. Beautiful moments captured. Beautiful kids. Beautiful family. Simple joy. What memories and learning opportunities you are creating for all of you. Smiling.

  11. First, bums in seats and now, Habesha in the garden. It just keeps getting better.

  12. I love the garden tour, but this is the best ever! Especially the diaper. Perhaps your son and my son, the wildebeast, have something in common?

  13. Somehow missed this post earlier... Looks amazing! Even better than ever with 2 beautiful ET children to assist, diaper over the fence and all. :)

  14. I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said above, so just - yay for kids in gardens!

  15. I adore this post and the photos. So beautiful. So, well, family and where you are right now.