Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Would you place children with these people...

Red Hot Road Trip.

It is always good to have some sort of red candy for Road Trips. I recommend Hot Tamales. Cherry Sours will work as well.

Although it is not endorsed by the Veterinarians' association, it is also ideal to hang your jowls out the window, and feel the wind on your gums.

That is a mighty big jowl.


  1. Ha ha! You guys look like too much fun! If we're off to CA in the fall, I won't leave behind the Red Hots.


  2. ooohhh... we're hittin' the road tomorrow and going shopping tonight for all the neccessary accoutrements. i shall not forget hot tamales!

  3. I'm sure the darker the tongue stain, the better it is for you! Road trips were made for sugar rushes! However, I have yet to feel the fast breeze on my gums. Making a note for the next road trip...

  4. you dare forget lemonheads or alexander the grapes? Ferrera Pan really had the greatest stuff. All of this is getting me a little misty eyed for my childhood sugar addiction. Have a blast!!

  5. Thems is some seriously flappy gums. Looks so happy.