Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Garden Tour: Before and After, & Why I Think Moses Might Be Ethiopian...

It is nice having our Habesha garden. It is even nicer having a friend who can cook.

I picked...

I gathered...

Allen worked his magic...

The eggplant was stuffed with fresh pesto sauce. The shrimp rested comfortably on a bed of sauteed fava beans. Delicious!

Also, I think Moses is Ethiopian! 

He won't stop eating the teff!

Then he takes over the bed, leaving me a tiny corner to sleep in. This places me in the unenviable position, directly downwind of the roughage eater.

Speaking of the teff, anyone out there know how to turn this...

Into this?

I guess I should read up on teff harvesting.

Although it is pleasant, I am not fully enjoying the garden. I am trying, but it really was Steven's project, and he is missing the whole thing.

 I try to send pics of things like...

The nascent cantaloupe...

And the First Floret...

But it just isn't the same.

 I really wish he were here to enjoy it.


  1. Thanks, Julie for coming over and bringing your harvest. Steven, we are also very sorry you are not here to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

    And, Jules, it only makes sense that Mosie is Ethiopian.

    Deb, Allen and Gabrielle

  2. Julie, I envy your garden. What a feast, too! Love the pics of your doggie. He looks like fun. Your dog is Ethiopian, mine is Brazilian (her name is Samba, therefore, she is Brazilian).

    I'm hoping for some referrals soon :)

  3. Holy Harvest! That looks fantastic. I bet Moses doesn't mind if you snuggle up to him while Steven's gone for now. Just don't squeeze Moses too hard, the teff might result in canine gastrointestinal consequences....



  4. Oh man, now I feel even guiltier about the slow demise of my garden. Yours looks beautiful, and it sounds like it's sustaining you well. I wish Steven were able to enjoy it with you.

    Oh, and Moses? Go easy on mama, and please, lay off the fava beans.

  5. Wow your garden looks fantastic!That Eggplant is particularly lovely. I wish I could come over for dinner. I am interested in teff too because it is one of the grains I can eat (no wheat, rye or barley for me - Celiac). I am intrigued with your growing it in the garden.

  6. That is SO cool that you are growing teff! Wow. Didn't even know that could be done.

  7. Thanks for the compliment, Julie. :)


  8. Haha, my dog Cassy sleeps the same way!! I think it is sooo cute!

  9. Beautiful Garden!

    It's so wonderful to be able to eat your own food...


  10. wow- what a lovely garden!
    i cant wait to see you gardening with your kids someday soon...
    i love the photos, so vibrant!

  11. So impressive. It sure does supersuck that your husband isn't reaping what he sowed. You are a great garden photographer though. And now that the concrete is all blasted out and the soil is all set up, you can do it every year for the rest of your lives if you want. He will see the fruits of his labor in real time. And it can only get better - if thats possible. It looks pretty great.