Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gentle Indeed.

In October we went here with the kids. Ever since then, Melese has been begging us to take him back to see the animals. I decided to search through the archives of a couple of the local online moms' groups to see if I could find a farm closer to LA, where the kiddos could pet some farm animals. The first one I saw was The Gentle Barn. I briefly scanned the website and saw they were open to the public on Sundays. We went today.

 All of their animals have been rescued. My Capricorns were drawn to the other Capricorns. Hugs ensued.
 Meazi found a turkey who had been 'rescued from Thanksgiving."
 Llama, llama, smiling llama.
 Pig scritching...
 Here piggy piggy...

 "High on the hill was a lonely goatherd"...
 Horses rescued from Disney...

Horses rescued from Premarin production...
 Would you place children ???

 Meazi groomed and hugged a sweet cow...

 Steven found just the spot on this one...
 She seemed sad....
 It was a sweet, sweet, gentle place indeed.
I did some more reading about them when I got back. If you want a good cry,  'like' their Facebook page and scroll down to find the video about the cow reunited with her calf. Boo Hoo city.

Then I found a video on the Ellen Show.

We finished off our visit with a yummy vegan lunch, and a cupcake. Today was the owner's birthday. Meazi has hay in her boots, and Melese has that happy sleepy look about him. I am pulling out all of my dusty vegetarian cook books and swearing off bacon.

Local friends, please tell us when you visit. We'd love to go again.


  1. M&M look so big to me in these photos. Wish I was local. Sweet sweet animals.

  2. Meazi is just beautiful. Just beautiful.

  3. What a sweet day! Your kids have such tender expressions! It is amazing what animals and gentleness brings out in our kids.

  4. Oh, these are beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  5. Thanksgiving and Disney-- things we all ought to be rescued from.
    Looks lovely.

  6. "Would you place children..." series continued! Man, I had totally forgotten about all those pictures. Seems like a lifetime ago.

    Rescued from Disney? NO. I just assumed people were all over the safety and tenderness of those animals. I mean, Disney?

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful day....


    1. I think they were just Disney 'actors', I don't think they were mistreated, just unwanted after the movie maybe? Don't mean to dis Disney - too much ;).

  7. love that. looks like an awesome, awesome experience!

  8. Love every photo! Beautiful.

    Of course I went to all of the links and liked the Gentle Farm on FB and am one step closer to going full vegetarian. What a wonderful place.

  9. Nothing like staring a farm animal in the face to make a person rethink her diet.
    Looks like an amazing place.

  10. We love the Gentle Barn, too! We're going to Underwood soon. Looks like you a great family day out.