Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Can Meet the Artist, Get to Know Her Personally- Lori Precious

If you live in Southern California and have adopted, or are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia, you have probably heard about Lori Precious. She is our community leader and organizer- a one woman powerhouse welcoming committee. Lori manages to find all of these new parents, and with a great openness and warmth (she's from Michigan), she makes everyone feel like they are a part of this incredible community. Steven and I attended the monthly lunches she organizes for well over a year before we ever received a referral. Lori always made us think that we were exactly where we should be on those Saturdays, surrounded by extended family.

Lori Precious is a famous artist. Her work is totally unique. Her medium...

Butterfly wings.

It is with great excitement that I announce that Lori has created a piece for our fundraiser auction. It is an abstract Ethiopian flag, made entirely of butterfly wings. You are going to have to wait to see it.

You may have read something about Lori recently in the news. Lori's ideas have been, how shall I put this, STOLEN, by the very famous artist Damien Hirst. Check out this amazing video...

Lori is not the kind of person who lets this sort of thing slow her down. She continues to create her art. She is also a director. (I know right? All of these double, triple, hyphenated, talented types!) Lori has an amazing idea for a documentary that I hope comes to fruition (or just to a Kickstarter page near you), very soon.

Lori is also responsible for starting and maintaining this charity.  She and her incredibly talented husband have two kiddos, Miles, and Silanchi (Amharic for 'pistol' I think). They are a great, giving, family, and I am so grateful that she decided to give to our school and library as well.

Thank you so much Lori. See you on the 17th.

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  1. I already didn't like that guy. Now, honestly....

    Those stained glass pictures are astonishing. Cannot even imagine how amazing the flag must be!