Friday, January 28, 2011

Matching Game

Don't forget! If you donate to the school between now and Monday, Louise, will Match it! Leave a comment if you do, and you (and those who already contributed to the matching campaign) will be entered into a drawing to win M&m's favorite matching game:
Don't be afraid of that TESFA site.Schools Kambata It looks like you have to buy the whole school when you go in to donate. (Imagine that credit card statement!) Just click in the number field and add your own amount.

We are up to $381 dollars to be matched! Louise will match up to 1k.

Happy Friday!

My kids love this game!


  1. Hey Julie
    Just donated $20; sorry we couldn't afford the entire $35,000...we have to save up for a couple of trips to Africa (one of these days...)!
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Love all you're doing, Julie - and love that matching game. Like my friend Meg above, I could only donate $20 for now, since we're heading back (twice) to bring home our 3rd this year! I hope you can raise the full $1K for the match!!!

  3. Done it! (under my real name - hope that's not too confusing. The credit card company isn't so good at honouring payments made in my fake blog name. Let me know if it's not obvious).

  4. Hey Jules-
    Just donated $100 on the TEFSA website...a big thank you to Matt and Louise for matching so generously! And to you for doing the legwork.

  5. Hi Julie-
    We just donated $25.00. I love your blog and frequent it often. My daughter Zora is from Ethiopia as well. I think it's so wonderful that you are doing this.

  6. Just put in $300 from the bracelet order funds to the school. Thanks to all the lovely people who bought a bracelet! I will be adding a couple more to Etsy soon.

  7. Late as usual! Are we supposed to say what we donated here? 250 smackers from Ava Bekelech's parents.