Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a Circus Over Here

Acrobats, Evel Knievel kids, human pyramids, and feats of incredible daring, but if you ask Meazi what her favorite part of the circus was, she will tell you it was when the kid was called up on the stage with the clowns, and did the opposite of what the clowns told him to do. Now that was hilarious mom. Tells you a lot about what goes on here in our household.

Mom's favorite part of the circus? Seeing Meazi do this...



  1. I love that you got that on film!!!

  2. If I could, I'd post one of those heart thingys here.

  3. Very sweet. Kids do such great stuff w/o even knowing it...

  4. The freedom and joy of being a kid. Love it.