Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Could make just about anybody's day.

  2. Meazi is like the Sun, such beautiful intensity. Meazi is like the Moon, a serene illumination of darkness. Meazi is like a Ladybug, a colorful wonder with tiny wings of strength that take her flying.

    (Is that like 8th grade poetry? I think Meazi is gorgeous.)

    OMG, so last night Steven, among other people I know, was in my dream. It was really weird, Julie! I applied for a job at library where everyone spoke Spanish. And we were eating "employees" lunch and Steven was sitting at the table gabbing up a storm in Spanish to the library employees. In my dream, my jaw dropped and I thought like Wow - I had NO idea Steven speaks such fabulous, smooth Spanish!

    Anyway, love the photo of Meazi's laughter - it's like a perfect frozen moment of innocent revelry.


  3. Who needs words when you've got a smile like that? And I can almost hear her laughing!

  4. the depth of her emotion is so evident, you are one beautiful family!!