Friday, July 2, 2010

Joy and Sorrow

Today our best friends will finally meet our children. I am so happy about this.

Today a dear friend has to do something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

It is a week full of joy and sadness.

Meazi is feeling it. All of it. She has asked to watch her video lifebook every night this week. She is struggling. We are talking a lot about Ethiopia again, and a lot about death.

We are holding on tightly to each other.

We are sending every ounce of love and healing to our friends who are suffering.


  1. It's horrible and hard. You are so emotionally available/aware to your friends and family that you are creating the best bridge for Meazi and she will respond to your understanding. I am so sorry for you & our friends. Another touching picture...<3

  2. Julie,

    Joy & sorrow could be the theme song for my life this past year. Munta could not be more wonderful. Amazing, happy. Six weeks after he came home, we found out my brother is seriously, seriously ill. It breaks my heart every day, and i struggle to maintain some kind of firewall for Munta, for my sanity.

    Now, I think this is just life. There will be deep, deep sorrow. The key is to be able to drink in the joy too, and really revel in it, because some people miss it. Savor it, and feel it all I guess, which from knowing you a bit, I know you do!

  3. I have not stopped thinking about your friend and her unbelievable loss. I cried when I read it on facebook, I'm teary now. So awful. I'm so sorry. I hope that your friends visit will bring comfort and some relief for you all. much love,

  4. I know of your friend from another forum and we are all so heartbroken for her. It is extremely difficult to explain why things happen like this to a child. Praying for you and your friends.

  5. I so love that you guys have embraced each other's grief. Yes, joy and sorrow.

  6. Sending love and healing your way too...

  7. :(
    Happy your best friends get to meet your babies. Sorry for your other sweet friends terrible loss. Hoping your sweet girl finds some peace.