Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Travelers' Aid...

Okay all you Travelers on the bumpy road of adoption...

Here's a boost...

Those are our friends Nat, Dom and Simone. Simone just left the Gladney center in Addis Ababa.

LAX did not disappoint in its paparazzi level.

I received a smacker from new papa who is an international rock star...

The Aunties were verklempt...

A little Ethiopian met a Little Ethiopian...

And Simone was reunited with her friend the Baby Whisperer...

Auntie Amy leaves tomorrow to pick up her daughter Liv Tunsitu...

I gave Amy a few extra hugs to pass on to a certain Cupcake, a wee Mama's pup, and an Oklahoma Olly.

Welcome home beautiful Simone.

Sweet dreams. (Simone resting peacefully with her Grandma).

Feel better?

Me too.


  1. That's precious. Thank you so much for sharing... And, yes, it does make me feel better. Reminds me what this is all about!

  2. Yes, it really does make me feel good to see those pics. Simone is a stunner. Utterly precious.


  3. Yes, yes and yes! Thanks for that!

  4. LOVE homecomings!!! Honestly could Simone be any more gorgeous?! Thank you for sharing Julie!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this great news!

  6. Oh yes, yes. Much better now thank you. When we move out to the compound (cats are allowed there too right?), do you think we'll can keep a jobs posting corkboard on the front porch. And when there is a jobs listing for two airport greeters welcoming home babies and new parents, let's apply together. And each time we get sent out on a job, please don't make me tell you to go change and that the matching outfits are on the other side of dorky. What am I talking about? And why can't I stop? I've just now deleted three lines about the snacks we will pack in our bags for the families.

  7. Thanks for the extra hugs. Those are beautiful peeps and babies.


  8. yeah. it does make me feel better.

  9. It does make me feel better. Lifts my spirits in anticipation of my "someday"

  10. So what you're saying is, this process DOES work?!?! Interesting... very interesting. Not sure I believe you but I'll think on it!

  11. I think that I may have to fly thru LA on your airport welcoming skills alone. Just a little stop over to say hello to all of you,...then on my way to Ohio....

  12. Why, yes, I do feel better. What a sweet, beautiful baby and a happy, happy family. Thanks.