Monday, May 12, 2014

New Writing. New Family Members.

For the three Blog followers who aren't on Facebook, here is some new writing...

Is Motherhood More Bitter than Sweet? at InCulture Parent.


Also, this happened....

We adopted another brother and sister.


  1. Not on Facebook but considering it, feeling like I'm missing a lot. Thanks!

  2. The Facebook page has let me follow the newer writing. I was incredibly touched by the essay on Melese's attachment. It was wonderful to see the kids' pups! After a 3-dog childhood (although I love our cats), I will be getting an assistance dog to help me retrieve dropped objects. I'm giddy! Nice to think of you guys restored to a dog family again,

  3. Thanks for the comment about adoptive parents smirking about what they wouldn't do now that they have their children home. It is rude, insensitive and totally unnecessary. The online adoption community has become so preachy and smug that I can barely stand it anymore. I read blogs about how excruciating it was to wait for a whole year to adopt. My husband and I have been waiting four years with no end in sight. Thank you for still having some compassion and perspective. I always enjoy your writing and it is one of the very few I haven't deleted.

  4. Um those puppies are really cute. I should not have looked at them with my kids behind me. Number of puppy requests in the last 30 seconds: 3.