Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bloggity Blah, Trick or Treat

 You may have noticed a lack of blogging here. Want excuses? I'm spending a lot of time in the car. Two schools, two different start times, two different end times = lots and lots of driving. Did I mention that I hate driving? I hate driving.

Can one blog from an I-Pad? Anyone have an old I-Pad they don't want anymore? Maybe I could blog while driving. Or while waiting in a school parking lot for one of my little darlings. Seems like people with I-Pads have their shit together. Please send I-Pad stat to initiate more blogging.

I'm sure you are dying to know what M and m are for Halloween right?

Months ago Meazi told us she wanted to be Aphrodite. There is some disagreement about who suggested that Melese should be Eros/Cupid. I thought it was Meazi's idea, she said I suggested it. Maybe Melese decided himself, but Meazi hated the idea of being Cupid's mother on Halloween so she quickly chose a new Goddess:

Artemis the Hunter.

 Melese remains Cupid.

Sounds pretty highbrow eh? I bet your thinking, "See how bright and creative kids who aren't allowed to watch tv are?"

The truth is Meazi's very first costume choice, months and months ago, was Strawberry Shortcake.

We told her she had to pick something else.

Lucky for us, her favorite book at the time was this one:

She loves this book so much.

We went to the Getty Villa to get some additional costume details...

I'm just happy no one lost a finger this Halloween. Steven used a jigsaw to carve the pumpkins.

Have a Happy Halloween.


  1. I have an iPad, and I don't have my shit together in the least, but maybe it's because I rarely have time to use it. I can't type on it to save my life either. Mostly, it's a way for my five-year-old to watch her allotted half hour per day of Kipper while I try to keep the baby's hands out of her own poop. If that's not glamorous living with fancy technological devices, I don't know what is.

    Perhaps someone should send you an iPhone 5 instead? That Siri feature seems handy, and it's pocket sized.

  2. I have an iphone and a ipad. As you know from Facebook, I totally don't have my shit together. my kids use it for their screen time, too. And it's a great babysitter/kid occupier when one is waiting with me while another is doing dance/diving/whatever. I find the iphone more helpful, but not from the blogging part. B is a fairy and S is a ninja- you guys are super high brow. And I love strawberry short cake :)

  3. I have an iphone and a ipad and I totally don't have my shit together. Last year I had 2 drop offs, 2 pick ups, a full time job and no sanity. Power through, it doesn't last forever. Now, I have no drop offs and pick ups, the bus comes and gets them and returns them when they are finished with their day. I do find the iphone helpful in keeping my act together. The ipad is more for the kids.

  4. About the costumes ... just admit you guys are higher beings than the rest of us! Today, my guys will be policeman and fireman. How is that for creative?

    As for the iPad, I have blogged from there before. It can be done, though it is easier on a computer. My kids are not allowed to touch it. Because that's what kind of mom I am!

    As to your shit, it looks together to me.

    Love you!

  5. Love this! My kids don't even know what they're going to be...I guess they'll hit the dress up when they get home from school?! So not prepared here!

  6. Their costumes are amazing! And I'll have to look into that book. I love the D'Aulaires as authors, but haven't read that one yet.
    We let Million choose his costume, and he picked a bunny.
    (Amid many groans and forehead slappings from Michael who repeatedly comments how emasculating it will appear to Million in 14 years.)

  7. So high brow. Cultural / historical / mythical snobs. yes. yes. The jig saw clinched it ;-)

    cutie patooties.

  8. Yeah enough of the fancy costume shit. Next year throw me a pumpkin and a cat please.

  9. I think that's the only Artemis I've ever seen for Halloween! (and actually, the only Cupid, too!) I love that you guys went and did research for your Halloween costumes. Very awesome!