Friday, January 27, 2012

Notes From Kololo.

 Tesfa's eighth school, the one that all of you helped build, is nearing completion. It is amazing to see the progress. Thanks again to all of you. You did this!

 Some interesting notes from our crew in Kololo:
·       Kololo is said to be established during Emperor Haile Silasse’s time
·       More than 200 family heads live in Kololo.
·       Farmers grow Maize, Ginger, Teff, Godere (potato-like plant root), Coffee, Mango, Avocado, and Banana.
·       The Tembaregna, Hadiyagna, Wolaytigna and Amharic languages are said to be spoken by the villagers but the dominant language is Tembarigna.
·       There is no other school in the village.

·       The only school relatively near to Kololo is the Debub Ambocara school which is 2.5 hrs away.  Students from Kololo go to that school and have to travel 5 hrs both ways.

Here are some future students:

The children of Andesew and Kebebush. 
The children of Molore and Tadelech.
Get ready kiddos! School is almost in session!


  1. Gives me chills, so cool!!

  2. Loved reading this Julie! How wonderful!

  3. ah, this is all so interesting! Thanks for the update!

  4. That last line of yours brings me to tears. This is SO big for those children and their families!

    Theresa (eastiopians)