Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The School

 The Tesfa folks are in Ethiopia.

 They have been promised the above land for our school.

 It is in Meazi and Melese's village.

It is almost impossible to describe what it feels like to receive pictures like these in your morning e-mail, among the Baby Center newsletter, and an ad for a Lucky Brand sale.

With the average fertility rate of six kids per family, many of us have extended family 9,000 miles away.The idea that M&m's brothers and sisters, and cousins and friends, may have an opportunity to go to this school, is almost too much for me to comprehend.

Forgive me for asking before, now, and over and over in the future. For me this has become a sort of family emergency.


  1. We understand the feeling. I am excited to see this come together Julie!

  2. I feel it too Julie. Many times over the past few weeks, while I've been plotting and planning, the thought that our own relatives will be directly affected by this school has brought me to tears.

  3. I get it Julie, the family thing. We were just back in Ethiopia and able to visit our daughter's birth family again for a short time...truly they are our family. I am so excited about your school and library project!

  4. sorry i am a crappy responder, but as you know, i totally understand the family emergency thing.

    wish i could come to your event...

    with the 8 in of snow we are getting tonight LA seems even better than ever...

  5. Awesome, Julie. Love what you are doing.

  6. Julie, my daughter is from the Kembata area as well, although I don't know which village - yet. I am so much in awe of what you're doing with the school and library. Thank you from our family and relatives there!!