Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Snapshot


  1. oh oh oh.... I so need to see this today. Topic of the day for my brain is stewardship. *sigh* BIG SIGH

  2. oh julie. thank you for sharing this photo. yesterday Q said he wanted to win the lottery so that we could buy a 'luxury house.' i said, sweetie, we live in a luxury house.

  3. It is hard to articulate a response to your Sunday Snapshots... I like what Kristine wrote - we do live in luxury houses. I think it is good and appropriate to hold the tension between our luxury houses/living and photos like this. It is easier to ignore the pictures, but holding on to the tension can help direct/inform a lot of our choices, especially in the season we are in. Thanks for the picture.

    Oh, and if I haven't already, let me say that the pictures of Melesse and Meazi on the right are breathtaking!