Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love Me 'Til My Heart Stops- My Baby Sister's Wedding.

My sister's wedding was incredible! I want it to happen annually! If you have no interest in my sister or her wedding, make sure to at least scroll down to the picture of my dad in his Elvis costume.

Trevor Johnson of Trevor Johnson Photography has generously allowed me to share some of the photos from my sister's wedding. Trevor is a lovely friend of Kate's who lives in Wisconsin. He has offered a 10% discount to anyone who mentions eyes of my eyes when booking him for a future job. So all of you Midwest families out there, check out his work. Trevor was one of those great photographers who you don't even notice are present. Thanks Trevor. Oh, and I'm so glad all of your cameras survived, I thought the beauty of my sister might cause them to spontaneously combust.

World's Cutest Ring Bearer
Meazi and her cousins, Betsy and Abby. Flower Girls Extraordinaire.

Don't hate her because she's perfect.

Did I mention Kate is a choreographer?
The ceremony was on the roof of Madison's modern art museum.

Modern art.

Remind me later to tell you why Kate chose green...
My mom with her beautiful Irish Blessing.
Tarek the Happy
Available, one Nordstrom's flower girl dress worn once. 6x, already too small for Ms. Meazi. Will trade for Grenache Blanc, Dalwhinne, or Chocolate of any kind, or size 7 girl's clothes.
My brother Bubs looking dapper, with Bets.
Can I get a witness?
Family Photo
LA's newest power couple- Best man Greg, and his beautiful wife Claire. I keep checking Greg's website to see if he has posted his charming and eloquent best man speech, and I keep checking Claire's to see if her book is out yet. Still waiting...

Uhm, why my sister chose GREEN!

Again, please don't hate her for her charming form and her giant brain.

One of my dates- the shorter one.
The reception was at the Orpheum Theatre. Kate had two poets open the evening reciting a love poem to each other from the Romeo and Juliet balconies (not shown).

I said a few words.
It was impossible for me to describe what it means to have Kate as my sister.

They chose one of my absolute favorite Talking Heads' songs for their first dance- This must be the Place.
My Father.
My Father- after a couple of cocktails. (Some people garden, play chess, he dresses like the king and performs).
It is a freaking miracle she didn't fall over this balcony.    
It was a truly spectacular evening. I love my new brother Tarek so much. I didn't post a lot of pictures of his absolutely lovely family because, well, I'm not sure how they feel about blogs. Perhaps they enjoy privacy like some husbands I know.

I truly underestimated how moving an experience this would be, watching Katie tie the knot. She looked at Tarek in a way I'd never seen her look before. It was a thing of beauty.


  1. i am overwhelmed by the love...not just the love between tarek and kate, but the love between you and kate and the rest of the family. so very precious. and stunning.

  2. I haven't even met your sister, but this post put a lump in my throat. You are both so beautiful! Your kids looked adorable too.

  3. I don't normally get all sniffely about weddings but this is so beautiful. CHeers to the happy couple.

  4. I only discovered your blog a few months back, and obviously don't know you or your sister, but this post just made cry. At work! Beautiful/beauty.

  5. Sisters are the best! Your dad seems like quite a character! Beautiful wedding- love her ring.

  6. *Swoon!!!* Pure brilliance the whole. Love the photos. Love the Love.

  7. Such a thing of beauty. I know I repeat my comment on your blog over and over but your family really is beautiful !!
    Love the pic of the flowergirls/bridesmaid.

  8. It's a beautiful thing how much you love your sister.

  9. amazing. I love seeing other families love each other so intensely. You all are beautiful. Congrats to your sis and new brother.

  10. okay, seriously, how did she find an officiant with a green robe? It makes me think I must run out and buy a robe in green!

    love the photos (LOVE her ring)...what a great day for everyone.

  11. Well I am going to go ahead and hate her a little, because, you know, I don't actually know her and, well, that dress, and that ring, and that family...
    I hope when my kids grow up my son will write a blog post (or whatever the 2038 version of a blog post is) like this about his sister.

  12. OMG. Too late. I do totally hate her. She's freaking perfect and had the perfect wedding. {{sigh}} Seriously though, it was quite lovely! And are you actually in Madison??!! Or nearby? I had no idea! We live in MKE. I get a tad excited when other bloggers that I follow are in the same state!

  13. This wedding sounds simply AMAZING! AWE.SOME.

  14. It was an honor to be there, and witness the most spectacular bride I have ever seen walking down the aisle.....And then, of course, there was Elvis.

  15. So nice, and yes, she is perfect. You all are! I mean, for obvious reasons I do pretty much hate weddings with a passionate bitterness BUT that looks amazing, beautiful, and full of love and sincerity. Congratulations to the whole family. The green is especially awesome, and I LOVE your dad as Elvis. Cool that you were all right here in Madtown.