Thursday, May 27, 2010

Student of the Day...Now with Bees!

Today, as I mentioned, was a big day for us. It was also, coincidentally, Meazi's turn to be student of the day at Pre-K. (That means that either Steven or I volunteer in her classroom). Since Melese is still a barnacle, Steven has to take off work so we can do this. We don't leave Melese with anyone. The class has been studying insects, and Meazi's amazing teacher, who heard us talking about our bees one day, asked if Steven might talk to the kids about beekeeping. So today he did.

First a Happy Referralversary morning hug...

A quick story...
Dental hygiene...
Suiting Up...
A lot of the kiddos were reluctant to try the honey, but the ones who did certainly enjoyed it...

Meazi helped...
Then we went home for lunch, and that cake I mentioned...

Unfortunately World's Best Dad was already speeding off to work, and missed the cake.
Kids are now having a nice, long, sugar induced nap.


  1. I love the picture of Steven putting on his suit in front of the class. There's something about it, the way he's sort of looking only at Meazi and she's locking proud eyes with him, that suggests they are each other's favorite people in the world.

  2. There's just always so much honey that sticks on your posts. I feel just a bit more insight into becoming a mama and curiously does it change the parents' relationship? Maybe one day you could reflect on that and spill it here. Love that Melese is a "barnacle" and a cute one, at that.

  3. Wow, it looks like Melese is just thriving. I love his smile!

  4. OK, so after reading Mama Dog's comment I had to go back to that picture and embiggen it. And there is so much to love in the details. Meazi's flag shirt and her name in construction paper with all the other kids names. Not to mention her gorgeous smile looking up at Steven.

  5. I so love everything about this post, from the look on M's face as she's being hugged by her Dad to seeing S all suited up in that bee keeper's suit, like that day in Eagle Rock.

  6. Steven is a beekeeping rockstar, only upstaged by Meazi, The Incredibly Gorgeous.

    I am enamored with this episode of Bee Show and Tell, honestly I am sooo impressed with your bees.

    Home Spun Honey Bees. That is about the coolest shit on the face of this planet, I adore it!


  7. She must have felt like the bees knees.

  8. Yes, Meazi's face looking up proudly at her daddy in her class is priceless! I'm sure all the kids now think her dad is a rock star! Julie - how sweet that she is wearing that shirt in so many pictures you post. Does my heart good.