Friday, June 5, 2009

Future. Love. Paradise.


I got to spend a few hours with Ms. Tye. She is just as cuddly and loving as the day she came home. I call her the Cuddle Bug. My friend Heather said she is the closest thing to a jelly doughnut that she has ever seen. That describes her perfectly- she is a sweet, roly poly jelly doughnut, full of love and goodness.

She celebrated the news of her playmates M & m...

She rocked out on her drum for Teddy and Moses. Between sets, she gave both dogs kisses and then bonked Teddy on the head with the plastic drumstick. Teddy had mixed feelings about her from then on, but Moses wouldn't stop kissing her.

All of the activity made Ms. Tye quite sleepy.

She started doing the tired drunk walk she does when she is ready for bed. I put her in the Ergo.

She eventually fell asleep, but occasionally would wake up and give me a big smile, and bat her eyelashes at me. She is crazy cute.

I can't wait to introduce her to M & m.

Next week I get to hang out with another friend of mine...

Any guesses ?


  1. Me? That's who you get to hang with...!?!?! Right? You're coming to OK? :)

    BTW, I love that pic of Moses and Ted, you can see the mixed emotions. But Tye is a precious gal, a jelly donut has nothing on her.


  2. Love this post! Love the jelly donut comparison! Who doesn't love love love jelly donuts?!

    What a lovely day.

  3. Mmmm.... jelly donuts.

    Who's coming?

    If you're not flying to OK, then surely you're coming to WI?

  4. Ooo, love the jelly donut description. My second child is totally a jelly donut in my arms sometimes and I loooovvee it. :)

    also, my oldest asked me, while reading your post, if that was me in the picture (meaning, the picture of you and the ergo). I take that as a major compliment. :) :)

  5. That is one gorgeous baby!
    Can't wait to see your gorgeous babies...
    Amy in Alabama

  6. Me :) I agree with Rebekah, you're coming to WI right???

    Love the dogs, love jelly donuts and love the sight of you caring a toddler around in an Ergo.

    What a beautiful little girl :)

  7. Ms. Tye is amazing!

    Will you be entertaining New Yorker-reading Aliya?

  8. You're so right, Miss Tye just oozes love and goodness not to mention cuddliness and crazy cuteness!!

  9. so... how did you feel with the Ergo? Tye is surely bigger than 13 lbs right but it gave you an idea. Any day you want to visit the pump station and carry around bags of rice in various slings give me a call :-)
    ps...can I crash next weeks playdate?

  10. she is defiantly crazy cute!!!

  11. Oh, you do keep such nice company, what a lovely one!


  12. I am a huge baby wearer. I love slings, but I LUV the Ergo. It's awesome. I wear both my kids in it depending on who is most tired or needs the most love. Great weight distribution on hips, kicks the crap out of the baby bjorn. i highly recommend it, enjoy!

  13. Tye is so dang cute. How is your back after the Ergo experience?
    You look like a natural. Are you entertaining a little friend or a big friend. From the picture I would say it's Mimi.

  14. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby girl, Sentayehu (a.k.a. Ty, Ty-Ty, Baby Ty), and posting cute pictures! I like the jelly donut comparison. I call her "squishy." Well, I don't say "hey, Squishy, come here please." But I say, "you are so squishy!" And then I have to give those thighs a squeeze. I must squeeze them about 100 times a day!
    As I told you, I love the Ergo! It's washable. It's great for traveling! We just went on a trip over the weekend via plane. It's great to be hands free all the way to and from the seat on the plane, enabling you to carry your stuff. She weighs 25 lbs and can still be carried in it. Yes, 13 1/2 mos old and 25 lbs.
    Thanks again, Julie! Love, Julie O. and Ty-Ty p.s. all of your posts about your referral are making me cry.