Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Garden Tour

Things are happening in the garden.

The beer is growing...

The berries too...

The bees are buzzing at their foster home...

The beans are bursting...

And the carrots made an appearance...

For some reason though, I could only concentrate on these two beauties...

Our first Meskel blooms of the season.

I wonder why I can't stop looking at those?

Meskel Daisy by Evan McBride.

Come little Habesha, your garden is waiting.


  1. Julie, I almost just burst into tears at the chiquito Habeshas at the end... They are coming to their garden soon...

    Back to peeling potatos...

    Squeezing hug to you and Steven,


  2. what about "when the flowers bloom, there will be great joy in your life"???

    believing that to be true for you guys now.

    love Jen

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! Bill just put plants in our garden today. Things are growing for us :)

  4. Nay/Neh tinnish Habesha Lijjotch! Ahun! Konjo addis abebotch. BRING ON THE GREAT JOY!

  5. wow. things are growing!

    beautiful beautiful

  6. The Habesha garden is growing so fast! I think that's a good sign! Especially the Meskal daisy.

  7. Your garden is looking really, really lovely...

    Especially jealous of your beans. Our beans always seem to end up tough and stringy. Yours look muchmore promising :)

  8. Wow, you planted Meskel daisies! They are beautiful and thought-provoking. I have a onesie with the Meskel Daisy for our future baby cakes. Your garden looks very busy and yummy. I think the garden is officially ready for the call. :)


  9. Beautiful's to seeing little feet in it soon...

  10. I so love Sunday Garden Tour day. It makes me quite happy. I can't stop thinking about you guys lately but they might have everything to do with the fact that our home and surrounding communities are absolutely buzzing from bees. There is just this constant buzz of life - and I love it.

    Hurry little Habesha! We are so anxious for you two to meet your parents. They are simply amazing. I know all things happen when they need to happen, but please come quick. Your mom and dad have huge hearts and giant arms to love and hold you...and oh the adventures you will please dear spinning universe of green and blue, please spin faster and bring these two young ones closer to this forever home so they can walk barefoot in the dark soil of this habesha garden and smile and point out to us the new blooms and harvest. We are all so very ready.

  11. What a beautiful garden, and that was such a great ending to the post. I can't wait for the real little flowers to come your way.

  12. Jealous! That is a good looking garden you have there!

  13. The garden is heavenly. Love the Meskel daisies and the tall beans. I love a garden tour anytime.