Sunday, February 17, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting - Valentine’s Day Edition.

Part I - “Where’s Steven?”

Pip arrives home to find me in her living room. Her entire head and one eye covered by a large, colorful bucket hat.

Pip: What’s going on?

Pip’s mom: Julie and Steven are going to babysit remember?

Pip: Oh yeah, where’s Steven?

Squeak (Tumbling in behind Pip): Where’s Steven?

Me: He will be here soon. He is still working.

Pip: When will Steven get here?

Squeak: When will Steven be here?

The next 45 minutes:

Pip & Squeak: Where is Steven? When will Steven be here? How long does it take Steven? Is Steven coming straight from work? Is Steven on his way now? Will he go home first or come straight here? Will he be here soon? Let’s have pizza. Is Steven on his way? How far away is his work? Is Steven coming now?

Me: I think he is on his way, would you like me to call him and make sure?

Pip & Squeak: Yes! Yes! Call him! Call Steven!

I call Steven on my cell phone and put him on speaker...

Me: Hi Steven are you on your way?

Pip: Whereareyouareyoucomingwhenwillyoubeherewhatistaking so long?

Me: Tell him who it is.

Pip: It’s Pip.

Squeak: It’s Squeak.

Pip and Squeak: Whenareyoucomingwhereareyouwhyisittakingsolongwhenwillyou be here?

Steven: I will be there in ten minutes.

Pip: Yeah! Ten Minutes!

Squeak: Too Loud!! Too Loud!

Me: Okay Steven, the speaker phone is too loud. We will see you in ten minutes.

Pip: We are going to need another pizza.

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