Thursday, January 31, 2008


Did Steven and I just have a Babymoon?

Babymoon n. a planned period of calm spent together by a just-born baby and its parents; occasionally, time spent by parents without their baby; (hence) a vacation or holiday taken by a pregnant woman and her partner.

I guess a Babymoon is supposed to be some sort of last romantic hurrah that couples have before being burdened with car seats, strollers and those addictive little goldfish crackers.

I used to find this word almost as repulsive as Push Present.

Can you have a romantic Babymoon if this is your room?

What about if these people are there too?

Yep, my parents.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of my mom and dad, Steven and I got to visit the absolutely gorgeous island of Kauai. Did I mention that it was beautiful?

We toured the spectacular Waimea Canyon, saw whales swimming off of Shipwreck Beach, took a muddy hike, and sipped guava juice while watching the sun set.We went to a fantastic farmer's market, and Steven snorkeled at Poipu Beach.

It was romantic...


They are so cute together. After forty years they are still affectionate with one another. One night before dinner my dad was watching my mom and he said,

"T, you are looking really stacked tonight. Could you walk back and forth a few times?"

Okay, it sounds a little crude, but the point is my parents still find each other attractive. I think that might be pretty rare.

I don't know what it is. Maybe it is because I had cancer, maybe it is just because I am getting older, but whenever I get to spend time with my healthy parents, I feel extremely grateful. They are agile, vibrant, strong people. I know that this will not always be the case. I relish these days with them. I guess instead of a Babymoon, this trip was my last chance to fully relax with my parents. I am sure that in the future, as a mother of two toddlers, I might not be as much fun to be around. (Not that I am a barrel of laughs now.)

I also felt much more aware of the families traveling with small children. It looks like a complete pain in the ass. Where do you change a diaper on a plane? That is going to be a loooooong trip home from Ethiopia.

Aloha, and Mahalo mom and dad.


  1. Um, 'stacked'?! Really? When are you going to make this blog private?!

  2. This Friday's entry really has me in stitches! - I thought it is a baby moon when you change a diaper. Those adorable little moons...

  3. You guys are adorable! I just found your blog, I'm excited to have another blog I really like! I'll be following you!

  4. Your parents sound like they rock. I too am very grateful for my parents relationship with eachother. And really lucky that my parents are our friends.

    My husband and I have had like 5 or 6 Babymoons. Mostly just long weekends, but I've been saying "this is probably our last [whatever] without kids" for about a year.